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Dirigo Materials specializes in producing high-quality construction aggregates including crushed stone, gravel, and sand. We produce all of our materials using natural deposits mined from our three fully owned quarry locations in Maine. At each location, we begin our process by drilling and blasting raw material, which is subsequently crushed and screened according to industry specifications. Our expert staff members are equipped to ensure that our customers receive the necessary materials, in the appropriate quantities, for any project they take on.

3/4″ Ledge
1/2″ Ledge
3/8″ Ledge
1/4″ Minus Ledge
3/8″ Minus Ledge
2″ Ballast Ledge
Washed 1/2″ Ledge
Washed 3/8″ Ledge
Washed Ledge Sand
Washed 1 1/2″ Septic Stone
Natural Sand
Crushed RAP
RAP Grading Material
2″ Minus
2″ Minus – Type A Gravel
3/4″ Minus Ledge
2″ Crushed Concrete
Concrete Disposal
Scale Fee
Minimum Sale Fee
Prime Patch

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