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The Way We Work

Dirigo Materials is a subsidiary of Eurovia, one of the world’s top transport infrastructure construction and urban development companies.

The mining and manufacturing operations at Dirigo Materials are part of global organization made up of more than 400 business units and commercial entities operating in 16 countries including the United States. This network is structured to operate independently the local level, allowing each business unit to respond to individual contracting needs, while also benefiting from a vast depth of global resources.

As part of the Eurovia network, Dirigo Materials operates according to a set of shared values which inform every decision made by our company. These principles guide our approach to business and guarantee consistently strong performance and profitability.

These key principles influence every part of Dirigo Materials’ approach to business to guarantee overall performance and profitability:

No component of our operations at Dirigo Materials is of greater importance than keeping our employees, customers, and community partners safe. To this end, safety is never sacrificed for the sake of production or profit.

Our team members are committed to upholding a Zero Accidents Vision, which contributes to our industry-leading culture of safety.

Since the founding of Dirigo Materials, our company name has been synonymous with quality. We take pride in upholding our tradition of manufacturing high-quality aggregate products used by the region’s reputable builders. Our dedication to quality extends beyond our products, and includes our high level of customer service. We do everything within our power to ensure that our customers receive the highest quality of experience doing business with Dirigo Materials.

Dirigo Materials owns and operates three state-of-the-art granite quarries located throughout the state of Maine. At each location, we utilize cutting-edge technology to help preserve our environment, protect the safety of our workers, and ensure the sustainability of our practices. Whether our teams are engineering controlled rinse areas to reduce runoff, or pursuing electric vehicle technology, we are leading the industry in technological innovations in every area of our business.

At Dirigo Materials, we embrace our responsibility to protect our environment by striving to make our operations as energy-efficient and sustainable as possible. We recognize the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations, and because of this, we are doing everything we can to pursue new technology that improves the efficiency and cleanliness of our operations. Our organization is committed to being a conscientious steward of the environment.

Our company’s mission is focused on this key principle: At Dirigo Materials, we are committed to manufacturing high-quality aggregate materials, competitively priced and guaranteed to fulfill our customers’ needs. As a result of this goal, we’ve maintained long-term, successful partnerships with numerous highly-respected contractors and developers in the region. We look forward to new opportunities to grow our business, by continuing to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Every member of our Dirigo Materials team understands the impact our work has on its local communities because we’re community members ourselves. We take pride in contributing to and improving our local cities and neighborhoods through job creation, civic engagement, and charity involvement. Our long-standing partnerships with organizations including the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots and others, are our way of reinvesting in the communities and people that have welcomed our company into their homes.

At Dirigo Materials, we take pride in our past while remaining focused on our future. We are investing in our continued success, by growing our culture of safety, innovation, and the education of our workforce. We understand the impact which our decisions during the present will have on our ability to face tomorrow’s challenges. That’s why we are doing everything we can today to prepare for changes in our industry. We are committed to preserving our legacy of excellence for generations to come.